Private Event Policies

  • Event Service Times
    • Breakfast | 7:00 am until 10:00 am
      Lunch | 11:30 am until 3:00 pm
      Dinner | 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm

      All special events are subject to a four hour time limit. Additional time may be purchased at the rate of $300.00 per half hour. The River Club may be opened during non-business days or hours when requirements are met. More information is available upon request.

  • Private Rooms
    • Individual Banquet Rooms are available by prior reservation with the satisfaction of the food and beverage minimum before tax and gratuity as stated on your contract.

  • Member Sponsorship of Non-Members
    • A member sponsoring a non-member for use of The River Club banquet facilities agrees to assume full responsibility for that event as if it were his or her own. A sponsoring member accepts full financial responsibilities for payment of the sponsored event in case of default of payment by the non-member. When non-payment of the event reaches 60 days, the event’s balance will be automatically applied to the sponsoring member’s account. The member’s account must remain current throughout the sponsorship term or the sponsorship will become void. Confirmation of sponsorship must be provided by a River Club member in writing prior to the event.

  • Tax & Gratuity
    • A 22% gratuity and 7% sales tax will be added to each food and beverage sale. Any gratuity charge, made to a customer for the service of any food or drink product, is considered part of the sales price and is taxable.

  • Deposits & Payment Arrangements
    • A Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Deposit of $750.00 is required by Members and Non-Members in order to secure the space for weddings, December events, Friday and Saturday evenings. Upon receipt of your deposit, the event will be considered definite. For Non-Members, Weddings and December Events, 50% of the food and beverage spending minimum is required six months prior to the event date. The final estimated contract balance is required 30 days prior to event. If the estimate is high, the difference will be refunded to the client by check within two weeks following the event. If the estimate is low, the difference will be billed to client, and due upon receipt. Event Charges are master billed and payment arrangement via separate guest checks is not available. Payment for deposits and event charges will be accepted in the form of personal or business check, cash or money order. Credit Card payment is not accepted.

  • Cancellation
    • Weddings and December Events - Cancellation of events within six (6) months of event date is subject to a cancellation fee of fifty percent of the food and beverage spending minimum before tax and gratuity. Any wedding reception or December event canceled within (1) month of event date will be charged the full estimated contract balance including tax and gratuity.

      General Events (excludes Wedding and December events) - Cancellation of events within seven (7) days of event date is subject to a cancellation fee of fifty percent of the food and beverage spending minimum before tax and gratuity. Any event canceled within (3) business days of event date will be charged the full estimated contract balance including tax and gratuity.

  • Catering Communications
    • All planning regarding your special event must be directed only through your Event Manager. Changes in finalized event arrangements, including attendance guarantees, time changes, menu, cancellations and other planning specifics cannot be handled via a receptionist or telephone voice mail system.

  • Menu Requirments
    • (Please Read Carefully)
      • All preliminary Menu Arrangements must be supplied to your Event Manager by two weeks prior to general events and four weeks prior to weddings and December events.
      • Hosts of Parties pre-selecting more than one entrée, but no more than three entrees, must provide an exact count of each choice of entrée in advance according to the specified guarantee time.
      • All Appetizers, Soups, Salads and Desserts must consist of a Single Choice.
      • Host to provide Place cards denoting each guest’s menu choices when selecting a choice of entrée.
      • All Beef Items are prepared to a Medium Temperature unless otherwise specified.
  • Guarantee Requirements
    • A confirmed guest attendance number is required by 10:00 am, three business days prior to your event (five days for weddings and December events). The Club will automatically prepare for 5% over the host’s guaranteed attendance without charge to host, unless overage is used on night of event. If no guarantee is provided, we will charge the original estimated attendance, or the actual number served, whichever is higher.

  • Food and Beverages on Premises
    • Food and Beverage not purchased from The River Club (with the exception of a wedding cake or specialty cake) will not be permitted on club premises. No alcoholic beverages may be brought to, served or consumed on the Club premises except through regular club channels. Sales of intoxicating beverages will be in accordance with state and federal regulations. “Shots” of alcoholic beverages are not permitted under any conditions. Services of alcohol will not continue for a period longer than four (4) hours.

  • Independent Vendors
    • All outside vendors are responsible for their own products and/or deliveries, and will be accepted into the Club premise no earlier than two hours before your scheduled event start time. Independent Vendors must communicate only through Club management, and follow all River Club policies at the discretion of management. The Club does not permit the affixing of signs, posters, banners or decorations of any sort on the walls, floor or ceiling of rooms. The cost of labor, repair and/or replacement will be passed onto the client. All Outside Vendors are required to strike all equipment no later than 60 minutes following each event.

  • Audio Visual Equipment
    • The Club’s Event Manager can assist you by arranging audio visual equipment for your event, with prior notice. The charges for this equipment, when applicable, will be charged to your event.

  • Liability
    • The River Club does not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or articles brought into the club or any item left unattended. Host is responsible for any and all damage, theft or breakage that they, their guests or vendors cause.

  • Attire
    • Business Dress or Business Casual is required; appropriate denim is allowed. Hats, Shorts and Athletic attire do not comply with the Club’s dress code. Please direct further questions to your Event Manager.

  • Media
    • The Club’s premises shall not be used for public forum or other similar purposes. Media coverage and interviews, exhibitions, or photography in any area of the Club are strictly prohibited without specific written approval. Personal photography, audio-visual or other similar equipment may be permitted only in the private rooms on the condition that same is in good taste and that other guests of the Club are not disturbed.